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KRUU Photo Booth Rental

Make your Celebration Unforgettable

More than 150,000 happy photo booth customers

KRUU Photo Booth Rental



Free shipping & pick up.

Hassle-free delivery.

1-3 days prior to your event.

No hidden extra costs.

Professional Camera & Flash

Flickering party light?

No problem.

Brilliant professional camera and flash.

You’ll always shine!

Easy to Use

Large touchscreen display.

Simple setup and takedown.

Quick download.

Select, Pose, Snap!

Paper & Ink Included

High quality photo paper.

Fun for your entire event.

8 different photo filters for unique pics.

Quick & Easy Setup

Takes about 5 minutes.

Adjustable tripod stand.

Thoughtfully designed with guests in mind.

Next Level Fun

Complimentary props.

Unique printouts.

Top-tier guest experience.

Customize Your Prints

All collages

Pre-select up to two printout designs prior to your shipment. Up to 32 different collages and 100 beautiful designs to choose from to create your perfect printout. Pro-tip: You can also create and upload a design yourself!

Do you need to reschedule your event? No problem! You can change your date at any time free of charge and without giving any reason.

Choose Your Photo Booth Bundle

Digital. Without printer.
  • Professional photo camera and KRUU super flash

  • NEW!

    Live view with real-time preview

  • 12 beautiful collage types to choose from (3-4 pictures per collage)

  • Standard paper props

  • Discover all the photo booth pictures from your celebration in the KRUU app. With guest uploads.

  • Choose from over 100 designs or create your own custom design

Best Seller
With on-site printer. And print flat rate.
  • Easy to use photo printer

  • Professional photo camera and KRUU super flash

  • Live view with real-time preview

  • 12 beautiful collage styles to choose from (3-4 pictures per collage)

  • Standard paper props

  • Discover all the photo booth pictures from your celebration in the KRUU app. With guest uploads.

  • Choose from over 100 designs or create your individual design

  • Sufficient backup printing paper

Single image printout
High-speed printer. With print flat rate.
  • All the features of the photo booth Basic, plus:

  • Highspeed
    photo printer 3x faster printing
    6x less paper replacement

  • Great single picture collages to choose from

  • Change of collages between shots possible

  • 20 additional, exclusive collage types (1-4 photos per print)

  • Additional props matching the event type included

  • Remote trigger included

  • Photobooth insurance included

  • 100 individual reprints directly on site

  • Multi-strip prints are automatically cut

+ free shipping and return, taking unlimited pictures

Your Photo Booth In Detail

Book Your Photo Booth. It's That Simple.

Check the availability

We check if there is a photo booth available for your desired date.

Book your photo booth

Select a photo booth bundle

Customize your prints

Choose a collage layout and a unique design!

Your photo booth is ready

Expect your delivery 1-3 days prior to your event.

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This is how our customers celebrate with the KRUU Photo Booth. A colorful mix of guests at weddings, birthdays, graduation parties and other events. Your guests will love the KRUU Photo Booth!

Who Is KRUU ?

We promote equal opportunities and value diversity. People from over 10 countries work at KRUU. We meet each other at eye level. Our common goal is to provide all customers with an unforgettable celebration. That's what drives us!

From 2016

Today already 57 colleagues.

Made in Germany

Engineered in Germany. Assembled in USA, Michigan.

Party carefree

We always test all components before each shipment.

Our Support. At Your Service.

Call us directly at (833) 659-4004

Just send us an email to support-us@kruu.com

Frequently asked questions

Setting up and taking down the photo booth is quick and easy, and you can do it in just a few minutes. We'll provide clear instructions for both the setup and dismantling processes. If you have any questions, we're here to help. Setting up the photo booth is straightforward, and even if you're not tech-savvy, you should have no trouble. Following the instructions, you can set up the photo booth in under five minutes.
For the best results, position the photo booth at least one meter away from the people being photographed. You can adjust the distance as needed. The photo booth is compact and space-saving, requiring only proximity to two electrical outlets for setup.
Operating the photo booth doesn't demand technical expertise as the setup is straightforward. Detailed instructions in our package cover everything you need. If you encounter any issues during setup, we're here to assist you.
Setting up and taking down the photo booth is a breeze and can be done in just a few minutes. We'll provide you with clear instructions for both setup and dismantling, and we're here to help if you have any questions. From our experience, even those not tech-savvy should find the setup easy. Following the instructions, you should be able to set up the photo booth in under five minutes.
It is possible to have our photo booth delivered to a UPS store under certain conditions. Please note the following points when entering the delivery address in your customer portal: 1. Enter the name of the UPS store in the "Company" field. 2. Enter the address of the UPS store under "Address". 3. Enter your first and last name in the field "Name". Also ensure that the UPS store meets the following conditions: 1. Ensure that the UPS store accepts packages measuring 27,2 in x 14,2 in x 15,4 in or 39,4 in x 15,4 in x 14,2 in (Premium). 2. Ensure that the UPS store is open throughout the day of delivery. 3. Verify that the UPS store is not on vacation on the day of delivery. If you fulfill all the conditions in advance, then nothing stands in the way of delivery to a UPS store.
The KRUU Photo Booth is a portable photo booth that lets you capture amusing snapshots and print them instantly. Originating from the US, this trend initially involved permanently installed photo booths where people could deposit coins to take multiple pictures. After a few minutes, printed photos served as spontaneous souvenirs. The KRUU Photo Booth, suitable for various events like weddings, corporate gatherings, or birthdays, brings this experience to any occasion, making it a perfect addition to your celebrations.
Checking the availability of a photo booth for your desired event date is easy. Just click on the "check your desired date" button below. If the photo booth is available, you'll get an email notification. At this point, we'll reserve the photo booth for you for three (3) hours at no cost. To confirm the reservation and proceed with a booking, simply click on the "Book" button in the email.
Yes. Please contact our support department via e-mail: support-us@kruu.com.
Once you've made a booking, you have the next seven (7) days to complete the payment for the photo booth.
Our team currently consists of 57 full-time employees who are also involved in the manufacturing and renting of our KRUU Photo Booth. We have already rented thousands of photo booths and would be extremely excited if you decide to rent one, too. Should you have any questions, then please contact our customer support.
So that you don't have to deal with annoying paperwork in the event of damage after your party, we recommend that you book our photobooth insurance. Insurance covers damage to the device occurring during the event as a result of proper use in accordance with KRUU provisions. The deductible is $100. The Premium Package includes Photobooth insurance at no extra cost.
KRUU does not deliver to islands at this time. Our services are available throughout the continental US, which excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other US territories.
You can rent our photo booth for your event from 299,00 USD including tax, shipping and various photo booth props. Your photos will be available in our app after your event. There is no time limit for using the photo booth on the day of the event. The photo booth is equipped with a reflex camera or a similar camera, touch screen, super flash and optionally a photo printer or a high-speed printer.
The photo booth will be shipped to arrive 1-3 days before your event, and you can check the exact delivery date in your customer portal. It's recommended to have the photo booth sent directly to your home, allowing you to test its functionality in a relaxed environment. The shipping, handled by UPS, is already included in the price. Please note that in exceptional cases, the delivery might occur earlier than the usual 1-3 days. You will receive a tracking number via email to monitor the delivery at any time.
Each photo booth that exits our warehouse is set-up, tested and individually configured. After the return of the photo booth, we need sufficient time to recalibrate it for the next event. So that every customer receives their photo booth on time, we are unable to send the photo booth a day sooner or later than planned. For details about prepaid packages for additional days, please feel free to reach out to us via email at support-us@kruu.com.
Yes, fun paper props are included with the KRUU Photo Booth, so that each of your guests will find something they like. The practical paper accessories do not need to be returned after use. If you have your own ideas and props, you are of course welcome to use them.
The photo booth does not come with a background system. However, this also isn’t necessary. A simple wall is sufficient as a background. We recommend placing the photo booth against the wall and not to have it extend into a room. However, if you still need a background system, you can find a wide range of them on the Internet.
Our photo booth is only made for indoor events. It must be ensured that the operating temperature, particularly for the printer, is between 50°F-100°F under normal conditions. The photo booth must never be subject to direct sunlight (particularly in the summertime), since this might cause the operating temperature to exceed 100°F. Particularly on cold and moist days (recommended humidity range 30–80 %), the printer is not operational. For this reason, the photo booth can particularly only be used in heated rooms during the winter months. In addition, the operating temperatures (+/- a few degrees) apply to almost all printers.
The inclusion of a printer depends on the photo booth package you choose. The Lite Bundle does not include a printer. In the Basic Bundle, you receive a user-friendly and compact thermal printer with a printing flat rate, allowing you to have instant prints of your snapshots. These prints come in either 2x4” or 4x6” formats on high-quality photo paper. Our Premium Photo Booth, designed for events with approximately 200 guests or more, comes with a high-speed photo printer and a print flat rate. This Premium Photo Booth offers a variety of print formats (32), which you can preview in your customer portal.
The KRUU Photo Booth comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display. This display is used to take all pictures. Use the photo booth display to select whether to save a photo or if you want to take a new one.
We use different camera models, a modern full HD camera, as well as the Canon EOS 1300D and 2000D (both SLR cameras) with a high resolution for perfect pictures.
Due to the professional super flash, badly underexposed images are a thing of the past. Using extra lighting in the room is not necessary. The flash creates a soft, indirect light to create a special “Hollywood” style effect.
The photo booth is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display. This way it can be easily operated and wired triggers are a thing of the past.
Opt for our Premium Photo Booth if you want to receive your prints in just 19 seconds without frequently changing print materials. The Premium Photo Booth includes a high-speed photo printer for a quick turnaround. It's crucial to note that the printer is a professional device, and after receiving it, you should carefully understand its functioning. Although it may not be the easiest device to operate, our provided instructions make changing the replacement material feasible if you acquaint yourself with the process beforehand.
The KRUU Lite and Basic Photo Booth boxes measure 27x15x14 inches and weighs approx. 36lbs, including the photo booth. The KRUU Premium is shipped in a package with dimensions 39x15x14 inches and weighs approximately 46 lbs.
The option for single photos at your event is exclusively part of the KRUU Premium package. With this package, you have the flexibility to switch between single photo and collage printing on-site. If you've already booked the photo booth, upgrading is hassle-free with an additional fee. Just provide the details in your customer portal up to 7 days before the photo booth is dispatched. Additionally, for those looking to create a custom design, you can download a template with all the necessary information from your client portal.
In your customer portal, we will present you with a selection of possible designs from which you can make your individual selection. Of course, you can also upload your own individual design in your customer portal.
After the first shot, you'll see a preview of your saved photo in the form of a collage. Tap the camera icon to take the next snap. The countdown starts once more and the shutter will trigger automatically. After it is taken, you can use the photo filters again. Go on to the next shot or delete the picture if you don't like it. Perform this procedure repeatedly until the final image for the collage is taken. Keep in mind that the KRUU Photo Booth will always show you and your guests how many pictures need to be taken to complete each fun collage.
When you book the photo booth Basic or photo booth Premium, you automatically receive our print flat rate for unlimited prints. So you don't have to worry about running out of paper during your party. We include enough paper for over 20 hours of photo booth fun. And don't worry, so far no one has managed to use up the material ;).
All photos taken will be available for download in a password-protected app after the event.
No, all photos taken will be available for download in a password-protected online gallery after the event. Therefore, no additional storage medium is required. Please do not insert any external storage medium/device (SD card, USB stick, etc.) into the printer or the photo booth.
As soon as the photo booth arrives in our warehouse after your event, all photos will be stored. Within seven days after the return of the photo booth, your photos will be available in the app. There you and your guests can comment, like and download all the photos. You will also receive an email as soon as the photos are available in the app. Your photos will be stored for 3 months.
The printer of the KRUU Photo Booth Premium automatically cuts the pictures apart. With the KRUU Photo Booth Basic, your guests simply cut the printout themselves with scissors.

Check Your Desired Date

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    Select your preferred date through the calendar

  2. 2

    Choose your occassion and enter your email address

  3. 3

    Click on "check availability" to start the query

KRUU Photo Booth Rental - Capture Memories Directly On Site

What would your wedding, company celebration or party with friends be without the right souvenir photos? Instead of blurry pictures with your smartphone, you want to professionally capture emotional memories. While enjoying maximum flexibility, a photo booth allows you to capture any moment. Photo booths don't have a set time limit like photographers, they are available throughout the day until late at night! Renting our photo booth is easy. We make the entire process of booking a photo booth and assembling it very simple and easy with our service. Within a minute, you can schedule your photo booth for the date of your choice. After that, we'll take care of everything else!

We will create a personal customer portal you'll have access to once you have completed the rental. There you can set your delivery and pick-up address and determine the design of your prints. In addition to our print flat rate (only for Basic and Premium packages), you can select photo booth props for weddings, corporate events, birthdays and other special occasions. We add these accessories to your order for FREE so you can take creative photos.

Your Choice! Lite, Basic Or Premium Photo Booth Rental Options

KRUU offers the free choice of three different photo booth packages. The "Lite" beginner bundle, brings you a full-fledged photo booth with high-quality photo booth equipment at an unbeatable price. Unlimited shots capture all the happy and unforgettable moments of your event. The Lite package comes without a printer, but after your event you'll get access to the digital online gallery in the KRUU app. You and your guests can view and download the snapshots of the day.

Would you like to print the impressions of your special event directly on site? Then you'll want to reserve the Basic or Premium package.

The Basic package includes a digital photo printer with a print flatrate to print the pictures directly on site.

KRUU is especially proud of the best of the best Premium photo booth. This is equipped with a high-speed photo printer incl. print flat rate, but also comes with a few more premium features that you won't find with any other photo booth company. Then you and your guests will experience an even more unforgettable evening.

Premium package includes:

  • Remote trigger & photo booth insurance
  • 32 collage types to choose from
  • Additional props matching the event type
  • Collage change on site (e.g. single picture or 3-picture collage)
  • 100 individual reprints directly on site

KRUU has the right offer for every event and every budget. No worries if you find out shortly before your event that you would like to have a high-speed printer. You can easily upgrade your current photo booth bundle to the Premium via our customer portal up to 14 days before your celebration.

The Most Popular Events To Rent A Photo Booth

In life, there are many special days that we want to capture forever on more than one photo. Most often, our photo booths are booked for weddings. Hardly any event could be more fun and enjoyable. When two people say yes to each other in the presence of their loved ones, a whole new phase of life begins. This is followed by an exuberant wedding party with good-humored guests. If you place a photo booth in a suitable place, hardly anyone will be able to resist it.

Birthdays, especially those with round numbers or the Sweet 16, are equally popular events. Family and friends come together. This wants to be captured with lots of pictures. Then we have company celebrations (foundation, anniversary) as well as Christmas parties. All good reasons for our photo booth service with picture flat rate!

Graduation parties and proms are also occasions for which our photo booth is rented. Also at Bat / Bar Mitzvahs or Quinceañera our photo booths become more and more popular.

The Photobox offers you and your guests the possibility to capture eventful days and wonderful moments forever.

Our Photo Booth In Detail

It's time to learn more about how the KRUU photo booth works and how it will make your party a highlight. Our goal is to make your event an unforgettable experience!

The instant print (Basic & Premium) is first-class quality

We are no longer confined to poorly exposed Polaroid photographs and shaky smartphone photos. KRUU offers simple, convenient operation, so you can concentrate on the essentials. Your photos will be printed directly on site thanks to the print flat rate and in lab quality with sublimation printing.

KRUU App with online gallery to share your best memories

But our photo booths don't just produce lab-quality prints. As soon as your photo booth is returned to us, your pictures will automatically be made available in your customer portal. There you have the possibility to download the pictures and publish them in the password-protected KRUU App. This way you can also grant your guests access to the photos. In addition, your guests can upload their own photos that they took with their smartphone, so that all the photos of your celebration are in one place. Together, you can like, share, and comment on the photos.

Custom templates for personalized photo experiences

From romantic to festive, our design templates will help you find the perfect one for your celebration. Suitable for a wedding, a milestone birthday or a company celebration. Our photo booths can print pictures either as collages or in strips - the printer of the KRUU photo booth Premium cuts automatically, with the KRUU photo booth Basic your guests simply cut themselves with scissors. With our designs you will surely find the right one for your event.

What It Means To Rent A KRUU Photo Booth

The assembly of our photo booth succeeds in a few minutes. After that, it is ready for use at any time and, above all, self-explanatory. You don't have to search for the photographer to capture the desired shot. Instead, you and your guests simply stand in front of the photo booth and touch the touch screen to start the shot. Anytime and as often as you like

Gone are the days of the disposable camera. You don't have to buy them and have their pictures developed later. Or worse - your guests have to take care of it. Thanks to the photo flat rate, the photo booth is at your disposal the whole day and until late at night.

No tedious collecting of all pictures after the event. Instead, all photos are in your protected online gallery in the KRUU app. Sharing the shots thus becomes a breeze.

Renting a photo booth also means that your guests will remember this special day all the more. How much fun they had with it and also thanks to the accessories for many funny pictures were created. Our photo booth also provides high quality pictures thanks to the SLR camera or similar.

The Shipping: Photo Booth Rental Near You

To get started check availability by entering your event date. KRUU will check in a flash whether one of our photo booths (optionally with a printer) is available. Our complete package includes the photo booth, the printer and the props, as well as free shipping and handling. Delivery is available throughout the Continental US and then we will confirm that delivery is available to your desired address.

Upon request, parcel shipping abroad is also possible. Due to increasing demand, you should request the date for each event with ample time for your event.

Next, you’ll rent a photo booth & choose your design.

Your photo booth is now reserved for the desired date. In the customer portal, you can choose your desired design online from our many templates and personalize it with text. KRUU offers a wide variety of designs for weddings, birthdays, holiday parties and other events. Decide for yourself how many photos you want to place per printout. You can choose between many different layouts too. Your choice depends on the booked photo booth package. Single image prints are possible with an upgrade to the photo booth Premium.

Optional: You can also equip your photo booth with an individual design easily in the customer portal.

Important: Set the details at least 7 days before shipping the photo booth via your customer portal.

What You Can Expect If You Rent Our Photo Booth

As a final thought, let's go on a little journey. After renting one of our photo booths, the booth is set up within a few minutes. Accessories and printers (Basic and Premium) are ready. The only thing missing now is you and your guests. The photo booth's touch screen lets you start recording. Now quickly get in position, because the 3-second self-timer is about to start. By doing this, you will be able to focus fully on your photograph. The shot is now visible on the screen and you can edit it with a photo filter. When you are satisfied, the picture is saved. Picture by picture, you can create lasting memories with the KRUU photo booth!