KRUU Photobooth Lite

Set up of the photo booth. Easy peasy.

Note on the set up: Let the photo booth rest indoorsfor acclimatisation!

· Only suitable for indoor use!

· No direct sunlight!

· The printer cannot be operated at temperatures below 10 °C and high humidity!

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Note on the return

First, please stick the return labels over the shipping labels! You also find your return labels available for download in your online customer portal!

KRUU Photobooth Lite – included


Connect cable A

Cable A connects the KRUU Photobooth Lite to the power outlet to supply power to the photo booth.

Connect cable B

Cable B connects the KRUU Photobooth Lite to the Super Flash.

Connect cable C

Cable C connects the KRUU Photobooth Lite to the Super Flash.

Connect cables – detail view

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Safety Precautions


For safety reasons, the following precautions must be observed!

Power supply

• This photo booth is designed for 230V/50Hz AC operation in Europe.

• The device must never be connected to a power supply that deviates from the specified voltage and/or frequency values.

• For the use of the KRUU Photobooth it needs a technically faultless and with a residual current circuit breaker fused (RCD/FI), earthed Schuko socket (230V/16A). The connections used must be made by a specialist and comply with the current DIN/VDE regulations.

Protection class and usage site

The device complies with protection class 1/IP20 – permitted usage site: Indoors (no humid rooms).


Never open the casing of the photo booth, the flash, or the printer to perform any repairs or trouble-shooting of electronic parts. There are live parts in the casing of these devices, which can cause a lifethreatening electric shock if touched!